Apnea series 6x52' - Arte

Fiction - 52 min


A southern fishing village is dying because the Ocean no longer feeds the people.

A lot of people are thinking about leaving the gorgeous island.

Chloe is a frail, young lady who attracts and scares the people of the island.

Thea is found at the bottom of a boat, the fishermen have all disappeared. At first, she is scared but as time goes by she becomes free, provocative and feared.

They share the animal and human side of mankind. They play Eros/Thanatos with men. But the men are determined not to let them govern because they have heard of a legend that describes these women as dangerous…

Best French series - Series Mania 2019

Fact sheet.

Scripts and dialogs Gaia Guasti and Aurélien Molas
Based on an original idea by Simon Moutaïrou
with collaboration of Marcia Romano
Directed by Julien Trousselier
Director of photography David Cailley
Music Pierre Gambini
Produced by Nicole Collet
Distributor Lagardère Studios Distribution
Shooting schedule 24th August to 28th November 2018 - Corsica (France)
Delivery Spring 2019


Noée Abita
Laetitia Casta
Alba Gaia Bellugi
Manuel Severi
Sergi Lopez