Rapace 90’ - Arte - 2012

Fiction - 90 min


In London's financial district, an unscrupulous trader clashes with a dyed-in-the-wool neoliberal, member of the House of Lords. It's no holds barred in this cruel and humorous fable about the state of the economy.

Fact sheet.

Scénario et dialogues Olivier Lorelle
Adaptation Olivier Lorelle et Claire Devers
Réalisation Claire Devers
Musique Grégoire Hetzel
Produit par Nicole Collet
Diffusion 12.12.12 20h50
Distribution Lagardère Studios Distribution


Grégory Gadebois
Julie-Marie Parmentier
Benjamin Jungers
Joe Sheridan
Georgia Scalliet
Asil Rais
Cyril Couton
Guillaume Marquet