Presque comme les autres 90' - France 2

Fiction - 90 min
Presque comme les autres Presque comme les autres Presque comme les autres


Deeply in love, Séverine and Christophe are young parents who must quickly accept that something's not right with their son Tom, despite the countless experts reassuring them otherwise. It'll be three years before he is officially diagnosed with autism. Despite the sleepless nights, their inability to rely on others, Tom's difficulty expressing his feelings, and the pressure on their couple, they manage to stay together. Even if Christophe occasionally finds solace sitting alone in a church...or with a bottle. Even if Séverine has no one else to talk to. Together they struggle to come to grips with their son's condition, and through perseverance discover a way to help Tom come out of his shell.

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D’après « Louis pas à pas » de Gersende et Francis Perrin – Editions Jean-Claude Lattès
Adaptation Pascale Bailly, avec la collaboration de Gersende et Francis Perrin
Réalisation Renaud Bertrand
Musique Grégoire Hetzel
Produit par Nicole Collet
Diffusion 30.03.16 20h45 France 2 / 12.08.15 20h50 RTS
Distribution Lagardère Studios Distribution
Production exécutive Be-FILMS – Christophe Louis


Julie-Marie Parmentier
Bernard Campan
Côme Rossignol de la Ronde
Marie-Anne Chazel
Patrick Descamps
Christelle Cornil