Manon 20 ans 3x52’ - Arte France - 2016

Fiction - 52 min
Manon 20 ans Manon 20 ans Manon 20 ans Manon 20 ans Manon 20 ans Manon 20 ans Manon 20 ans


Manon is now 20 years old, holds a degree in mechanics, and has a steady boyfriend...who won't be steady for long. Juggling her work and love life, Manon dreams and frets, moves forward, makes mistakes, repairs them, falls down, but always manages to get back on her feet, thanks to a strong will that occasionally turns to violence when facing injustice and abuse.

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Scénarios et dialogues Antoine Lacomblez, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Réalisation Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Musique Alexandre Lessertisseur
Produit par Nicole Collet
Distribution Film and Picture
Diffusion Arte - 01.06.2017


Alba Gaia Bellugi
Déborah François
Marina Foïs
Théo Cholbi
Xavier Mathieu
Claire Bouanich