Mafiosa – 4th Season Série 8x52’ - Canal+ - 2011

Fiction - 52 min
Mafiosa – 4th Season Mafiosa – 4th Season Mafiosa – 4th Season Mafiosa – 4th Season


In previous seasons, Sandra learned to patch things up with her brother and assert her power over men at the head of the Paoli clan. Season 3 ended with the murder of a nationalist who forced Sandra into exile. She had trusted her brother would take care of things in her absence, but she soon learns all too well how he betrayed her.

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Scénarios Pierre Leccia, Eric Rochant, avec la collaboration de Aurélie Teisseire
Réalisation Pierre Leccia
Musique Pierre Gambini
Produit par Nicole Collet
Diffusion Mars 2012 20h50
Distribution AB D.A. / Studio Canal (VOD DVD)


Hélène Fillières
Thierry Neuvic
Phareelle Onoyan
Stefano Accorsi
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Eric Fraticelli
Frédéric Graziani
Véronique Volta