Harkis France 2 - Arte - 2007

Fiction - 90 min


It's 1972, and in the middle of the forest in southern France, an Algerian family carrying only a few belongings arrives at the internment camp they must now call home. Despite the seemingly benevolent paternalism of the camp's chief, the Harkis there lead a rough life and have no real freedom. They live in misery and subjugation, something that Leila, the daughter of the Benabar family, refuses to accept.

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Scénario Dalila Kerchouche, Arnaud Malherbe
Réalisation Alain Tasma
Musique Cyril Morin
Produit par Nicole Collet
Distribution France Télévisions Distribution


Leïla Beikhti
Frédéric Pierrot
Baya Belal