Des fleurs pour Algernon 90’ - France 2 - 2007

Fiction - 90 min
Des fleurs pour Algernon


Charles is a 35-year-old mentally disabled man. Rejected by his family, he sets out to become "intelligent" at any cost. Algernon is a white mouse who has undergone experimental surgery that has increased its intelligence by ten. Encouraged by the results, two scientists will attempt the same surgery on Charles. He will become the first human subject to undergo this kind of operation, and the first to experience the consequences.

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Scénario Anne Giafferi, David Delrieux
Réalisation David Delrieux
Musique Charles Court
Produit par Isabelle Degeorges
Diffusion 2006
Distribution France Télévisions Distribution


Julien Boisselier
Hélène de Fougerolles
Marianne Basler
Frédéric Van den Driesche