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Image & Compagnie.

The society Image & Compagnie
Image & Compagnie

Image & Compagnie.

The society Image & Compagnie

The production company Image & Compagnie mainly produces “high-quality” fictional drama.

The editorial and artistic policy implemented is demanding on the quality of the scenarios, on the work of realization and the choice of talents often come from the cinema, like Amos Gitaï, Eric Rochant, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Claire Devers, Magaly Richard -Serrano, Philippe Lioret, ...
This production strategy has enabled Image & Compagnie to be rewarded with the awarding of numerous prizes: Prix Procirep du producteur 2014, Fipa d'Or 2014, Mention spéciale Prix Europa, Prix du Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma for " 3xManon ».
Le Fipa d’Or 2017, 5 prizes at the Luchon Festival, Prix du Syndicat de la Critique de Cinéma for "Manon 20 ans".
Award for Best TV Movie at the La Rochelle Fiction TV Festival 2017, Duo Award for the French Film, Childhood Majeure Award, PFDM 2018 Award "Pour les Femmes Dans les Médias" for "La Consolation".
Image & Compagnie notably produced five seasons of MAFIOSA (Canal +), 3xMANON and MANON 20 ANS 6x52 '(Arte) and also unitaries on committed subjects like RAPACE (Arte) history of a trader; PRESQUE COMME LES AUTRES (France 2) after "Louis pas à pas" of Gersende and Francis Perrin, on autism, LA CONSOLATION (France 3) of Flavie Flament, on the rape of a minor.

Soon to appear: UNE ILE 6x52’ series (Arte) Prix de la meilleure série française, Séries Mania 2019 ; PARIS-BREST 1x90’ (Arte) based on the novel by Tanguy Viel.


Watch the showreel
Watch the showreel

Management team.

Président : Christophe Thoral

Productrice : Nicole Collet

Assistée de : Céline Belkadi

Directeur financier : Thomas Pasquier

Juriste : Pierre Saadi