Sirènes Série 6x52' - Arte France - 2017 - En développement

Fiction - 52 min


The sea is no longer a source of nourishment for men and women and is no longer the marvellous playground of the Sirens. Boredom, and the call of a voice that she recognises bring Théa, a curious siren, to the village. A quiet predator with a human appearance, she kills the men she seduces and finds their dying breath intoxicating. She is coming to Audrey’s rescue, a young woman on the fringes of society: a siren who does not know what she is.

Part human, part animal, devouring or respecting loved ones, what balance will be found between these two women, with the men and with the village…

Fact sheet.

Concept Simon Moutaïrou avec la collaboration de Marcia Romano
Scénarios Gaia Guasti et Aurélien Molas
Produit par Nicole Collet